Simply Zen

Simply Zen

I am nearing completion on my upcoming mindfulness app.  So far I have most of the UI done, all guided meditations have been recorded, there are several bell sounds to choose from for open-ended self guided meditation sessions, HealthKit integration is setup, and Twitter is integrated.

The major TODO's left are to finish up the settings screen, and to complete the intro tutorial, and to tie up a few other loose ends.  After that we will be entering a short beta, and I hope to have it available on the iOS App Store by the end of next month (though release date will probably end up being a little earlier than that).  The app will launch with at a discount of $3.99 for the first month after release, and then it will go up to it's regular price of $8.99.

I wanted to bring a full featured, mediation app to the App Store, with a simple, elegant, relaxing interface that was pay once forever.  Most of the meditation apps currently cost upwards of $100 per year, which is too much for many people.

In the meantime, be sure to follow @SimplyZenApp on Twitter to be notified as soon as it hits the App Store.  Until then, may you be well, peaceful, and happy.


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